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targeted individuals lawsuit 2021 There is no skeptic among the four Republican and four Democratic Senators, who are supposedly providing oversight, so that the intelligence communities, with their enormous power . Government Says U. Sean Andrews Guest Hosts Targeted Individual Open Discussion Night Ella F June 29, 2017 You’re invited to Ella Free’s Podcast beginning at 6PM Pacific/ 9PM Eastern Call Talkshoe Conferencing at 724. 50 per month. Law relied on by the applicant (Deena Henshaw) seeking to slither out of need to prove material evidence of virus-existence /July 16, 2021. Targeted individual 15 + years. The Pokémon Company has settled its lawsuit against the individuals who had leaked Pokémon Sword and Shield ahead of its release in 2019. Dr. NSA Ft George G. ·. Its raining blood in the streets I’ve got stains on my sheets I’m just looking for a way to get by So I see you here again To some music were listening I’m just trying to find a way to get high I’m so surprised to see you I thought you said you were through I thought by now you’d be with some other guy Electronic harassment, electromagnetic torture, or psychotronic torture is a conspiracy theory that government agents make use of electromagnetic radiation (such as the microwave auditory effect), radar, and surveillance techniques to transmit sounds and thoughts into people's heads, affect people's bodies, and harass people. Of all the difficult tasks any individual could ever imagine, certainly, documenting organized gang stalking for a civil lawsuit is one of the hardest. FBI is a case against the Federal Bureau of Investigation for illegally spying on the Muslim community in Orange County, California. I. government maintains a massive watchlist system that risks stigmatizing hundreds of thousands of people—including U. and was a targeted individual . Targeted individual lawsuit Targeted individual lawsuit A Targeted Individual (TI) is a person who has been place under 24/7 SURVEILLANCE and HARASSMENT by a group of strangers, but can include SURVEILLANCE and HARASSMENT by family, neighbors, friends and co-workers. The Anti-Foreign Sanctions Law may be described as a timely addition to China’s legal toolbox for addressing “the risks . Targeted Individuals can also file lawsuits, the "Complaint" or "Pleadings" against state and federal governments (jurisdictions) using the Constitution (Amendments / Rights). These assaults on activist and whistleblowers are backed by documentation of our government carrying out the exact assaults on the same groups, activist, whistleblowers and civilians decade after decade in the United States. “Google uses its dominance of internet search to steer Ohioans to Google’s own products--that's discriminatory . Targeted Individuals - as Plaintiff - can file lawsuits for the harm done to them based on either federal or state civil codes, which are different than criminal codes. Sean Andrews and Dr. The three largest pharmaceutical distributors will pay more than $1 billion in a settlement to New York, an agreement announced on Tuesday that could become part of a larger . A Primer On The Milk Lawsuit Settlement: Details You Need To Know Milk is one of the most essential food items many individuals consume regularly. Yes, for all of you worrying about microwave attacks and damage from 5G and being harassed by the numbnutz among us, be advised: (1) you already routinely sustain more microwave and plasma bombardment than any ambient level particle stream; (2) if you plug yourself . Hundreds of other individuals, schools boards and counties have also filed lawsuits against the . Directed Energy Weapons. The group, known as "Tortoiseshell" in the security industry, targeted nearly 200 individuals associated with the military as well as defense and aerospace companies in the U. Sunday 10AM Ella Free interviews targeted individual scientists, Dr. Fazaga v. A. The suit claims defendants targeted individuals with poor credit and other circumstances that prevented them from purchasing a truck through other means. According to a civil lawsuit filed in 2014, it appears that the FBI refers to Targeted Individuals as “Non-Investigative Subjects,” and lists them on the Terrorist Watchlist. Organización social sin fines de lucro en ayuda a las personas que sufren del Gangstalking o acoso grupal organizado por. We now have more than 300 people registered for the Class Action. The targeted individual program is the FBI cointelpro targeted individual gang stalking operations. (25-03-2020, 08:12 PM) WelcomeToBFbinghamCo Wrote: (15-01-2020, 08:24 PM) sr John . August 4, 2021 5:04 p. The call will be on Zoom and here is how you can connect: When: Monday, May 31, 2021 A brand-new court ruling addresses the ownership of Snopes Media Group. 2017/09/25. Pyschotronic and Electromagnetic Weapons by Mojmir Babacek Preparing for court cases! (Targeted Individuals) (Stop 007) – YouTube “The Mother Of All Black Ops”: Charles Schlund – Government Whistle Blower Dies After Years Of Directed Energy Weapon’s Torture – The U. Too bad this film is listed right under the Google category of 'targeted individuals. A judge issued the ruling on April 2, 2021. Join in on the class action lawsuit against santander consumer us!!! It will put a stop to this madness and unfair charges that they are charging people due to taking over a loan from hsbc, citifinancial auto, etc. The consequences of being placed on a government watchlist can be far-reaching. In June 2006, FBI agents sent an informant to one of the largest, most diverse mosques in Orange County, California, who posed as a convert to Islam. The financial benefits of hiring targeted individuals Posted on February 20, 2021 July 20, 2021 by Vivek When hiring employees for your small business, it’s important and can be advantageous to consider hiring certain categories of job seekers that statistically tend to have a difficult time finding a job, including disabled individuals, ex . S. Please register. The program is misleadingly called “Intelligence-Led Policing” (ILP), but in reality, it's nothing more than targeted child harassment by police. Such is the life of a targeted individual. PETERSBURG, Fla. ”. Targeted Individuals Fight Back. " Portland city police E Precinct-Police Officer "I see you have done a lot of work. C. Shoots satellite microwave weapon: Moving bowels, making throat click, dream . On 10 June 2021, the National People’s Congress Standing Committee (NPCSC) passed the Anti-Foreign Sanctions Law of the People’s Republic of China (Anti-Foreign Sanctions Law), which came into force on the same day. PACTS, International's Letter in Response to the UN Call for Inputs with Signatures - June 21, 2020. Thankfully, Sen. Spot the Lucky Thirteen Contest: ROGS announces a contest for those who can spot the number 13 Terminology and dialectic tropes in the gang stalking dialectic online. Abortion rights advocates and providers filed a federal lawsuit in Texas on Tuesday seeking to block a new state law empowering individuals to sue anyone who helps a woman get an abortion . ST. targeted harassment, as well as severe . Officer "I can not they would come after me and my kids. It has many variants aimed to cater to many targeted individuals. For Targeted Individuals. Targeting Exists. Thank you Sweet God for protecting, loving and guiding all TIs and their families. But with the right cybersecurity tools, one can stay ahead of threat actors and prevent their confidential information from falling into the wrong hands. . This is the most recent decision that impacts who controls Snopes, providing . And Targeted Justice will also be supplying legal information to fight on the local level. Lawyers for Canadian diplomats injured in Havana, Cuba, between 2016 and 2018 say the federal government is trying to block a lawsuit from victims of 'Havana syndrome. noelistargeted hate crime, targeted May 11, 2021 1 Minute. They have targets that are nurses and many targets that work hard to help others. T he Biden administration is trying to revive a form of thoroughly corrupt, politicized shakedowns. David Voigts. Targeted Violence and Terrorism Prevention (EventI. The 2021 Trafficking in Persons Report covers government efforts undertaken from April 1, 2020 through March 31, 2021. operatives and dirty cops on the dirty cash payroll were all involved in the Operation . What to do at each phase. Medical scientists and the media now recognize that the recent high-tech assaults on U. May 28 2021, 12:00 p. Jun 15, 2021 - Targeted Individuals vs. The lead plaintiff is a 105-year-old survivor of the massacre. . News articles about organized gang stalking, lawsuits and "targeted individual programs" are gaining steam in the mainstream press, four years after I waged a one person public relations blitz against this form of "intelligence led predictive policing" which is really just junk science, and orthodox biased reporting combined with equally biased data. July 2, 2021. This War Will Not Be Fought In THE THIRD DIMENS. Washington (CNN) The Supreme Court agreed on Monday to take up a case next term brought by three Muslim men who seek to challenge the FBI, arguing that it . Affidavit and Transcript from earlier May 4 court hearing/July 16, 2021 20 year Targeted Individual, Hudson, Florida. The next day, Nov. The lawsuit, which was filed in March 2021, seeks to end the county’s dystopian “predictive policing” program once and for all. Mar 16 2017 Targeted-Individuals-Petition-to #Human Rights. ICATOR INTERNATIONAL CLASS-ACTION LAWSUIT WITH MELANIE VRITSCHAN!Monday, May 31 Melanie Vritschan will be with us to speak about ICATOR’S international class action lawsuit and explain how Americans and others outside of Europe can participate. The conspiracy-minded individuals among us believe it is an attempt by a secret society of social elites to control the masses. Updated 9:58 AM ET, Mon June 7, 2021. Howard Shector and Jasmine Flower Bouschand were involved in the set up on Mel and literally an army of C. Get Exclusive Access to Premium Content. Targeted Individuals. Targeted Individuals, all over the world, are being burned with microwave weapons. Jack arrived at my office looking like the Hollywood version of a science professor. Will stream here also at the Livestream Page. A lawsuit was recently filed against Pathway Leasing. Santander charged me interest on deferred payments that I had with cifinancial before they . Phase 3 – Target begins to know about gang stalking. June 2021. S. Networking Website…. The 7 Keys to V2k unlocks the technology presented in a series of patents. The Movie Making Industry broadcasting Hologram. This program was developed under the CIA's MK-Ultra project and is designed to break down the individual and "neutralize the person," using psychological, physical, and . September 10, 2010 By: Deborah Dupre … there have been such powerful (electronic) weapons that can be used to monitor, incapacitate, torture and murder, all without evidence. As many as 300 African American residents were slaughtered when white mobs descended on Tulsa's Greenwood district nearly a century ago. Diplomats Targeted by Microwave Weapons December 6, 2020 Investigating the Claims of ‘Targeted Individuals’ Who Insist They’re Being Stalked, Tortured. ' Posted by Activist Action in Uncategorized on May 9, 2021. The dynamic cyber world reports incidents of data theft, vulnerabilities in applications, and other attacks almost every day. Courts Refused To Hear His Lawsuit — Targeted Individuals in JAPAN (@TI_in_JAPAN) July 4, 2021 前回 名古屋市長選ではテクノロジー犯罪をメインにやられ約8千票、今回は集団ストーカーメインで事前にチラシ配りを徹底的に行いましたが、結果は1,048票、残念な結果でしたが次を考えましょう。 Part 1: The paranoid reality of "targeted individuals. And, if you only network with others who are also collecting solid evidence ( a picture or film taken on a shaky camera is useless-ten of them, of the . Targeted Individuals + Dr. Sign on a targeted individual’s home in Springfield, MO. Ellen Atkin On Targeted Individuals, Gangstalking & Soul Fragmentation! – The LanceScurv Show. But it is possible, if you are motivated. For proof, we have a machine that allows you to actually see the signals going to victims, and will have an engineer testify as to the validity of this machine, and . 15, he announced he had formed a group "for every TI who wants to . Aug 26, 2019 · If you are a “Targeted Citizen” (TC) (aka “Targeted Individual” (TI)), you have been secretly and extra-legally designated by unknown and . Targeted Justice is the world's leading information resource for Targeted Individuals. Targeted Individuals are innocent people. He became a whistleblower. Updated May 24, 2021 - 12:38 pm. He used every facet of the community, including hospitals, doctors, churches, schools, the post office, universities and banks, which is similar to the method being used on TI’s. Criminal defense strategy, criminology, criminal law, gang stalking case studies, predictive policing lawsuits, intelligence led policing lawsuits, case theory gang stalking The Pasco county cases against sheriff Chris Nocco are clearly gang stalking lawsuits because they highlight how practices of law enforcement and police departments across the country and the west in general that use… Preparing for court cases! (Targeted Individuals) (Stop 007) – YouTube “The Mother Of All Black Ops”: Charles Schlund – Government Whistle Blower Dies After Years Of Directed Energy Weapon’s Torture – The U. Random News. didnt even know i was a ti for yrs, one day i was outside something hit my tooth and knock it out and ever sence then is when i noticed more planes every where i went and a computer . Targeted Individual . 1 post published by Ramola D on July 29, 2021. " These journalistic accounts—in the mainstream press, as well as in self-publication sites like Medium and two Vice documentary features . Preparing for court cases! (Targeted Individuals) (Stop 007) – YouTube “The Mother Of All Black Ops”: Charles Schlund – Government Whistle Blower Dies After Years Of Directed Energy Weapon’s Torture – The U. Patriots Report 10:30 Am July 19, 2021 #AmericanRe. I write to inform you that the Tampa Bay Times won a Pulitzer Prize and the Nieman Cener award for their ongoing series called “ Targeted . Red State Talk Radio Live Stream; Nick Fleming - BÏDEN ADMÏNÏSTRATÏON ÏS BEÏNG FÏXED !! THE WORLD'S FIRST MAJOR ARREST IS ABOUT TO TAKE PL. As an award-winning Tampa Bay Times investigation uncovered, under the program, deputies regularly show up at the homes of targeted individuals unannounced and demand entry. -Insomnia. Targeted Individuals Fund, Muskogee, Oklahoma. Targeted Individuals Latam. TI David Voigts is an ex-Navy officer and a whistleblower. Microwave torture, war crime against targeted individuals and inmates. Torchar. Sen. The Eastern Conference is held every other day to stay in touch. Targeted Individuals live in a constant state of paranoia, of hyper-visibility, and yet there is nothing particularly eminent about them, no notion of celebrity to speak of. Electronic harassment refers to the use of radio frequencies and other methods to remotely access a person's mind and/or body to gain . I also posted about the “worthless cop" hand delive…. Targeted Individuals believe they're being subject to "growing crimes of organized stalking, surveillance, abuse and electronic harassment. Mar 11, 2021 | 23 comments. I use to not think of the term targeted individual. January 13, 2017. are the perceived opponents of the New World Order who have been flagged through the DHS/FBI . Targeted individual David Voigts. The weapons are controlled from Schriever Air Force Base near Colorado Springs, under General John Raymond. hi ive been a targeted individual for over 20yrs been hit so much that it hurts and made me cry over and over,had pulsation on my ankels,and feet that last for days ,cant go outyside without a plane being there. government added more than 1. Deals with Local gangs (May be in other areas), friends, White Supremacists gangs. , on the number one listener supported talk radio station on the Inte. Lauren Tenney PhD a TI supporter, and Dr. I was driving south on highway 1 (on my trip from Colorado to La Paz) about 80 to 100 miles north of Jesus Maria… and I saw a short dark-haired Mexican man who had pulled his white 2002 . Let’s hope this gets the attention it deserves. 7444 enter 141476# and 1# to join us. Targeted individuals class action lawsuit (h. 5 “7” about 130 lbs. 110 likes · 1 talking about this. Mijente joined with NorCal Resist and four individual activists in a lawsuit seeking "to . It's bias against older employees. The problem with these “bible believer’s,” and their zionist neocon Jewish operators and others is that they want the world to be like it was five thousand years ago. Targeted Individuals Association lanzó esta petición dirigida para Jeremy Corbyn (Leader of Labour Party) TIA (Targeted Individuals Association) Against Electronic Harassment & Gang Stalking Dec 22, 2018 · 0 Billion Class Action Lawsuit To Be Filed Against Google seeks to criminalize many of the types of attacks that are clandestinely made . m. The class action suit is against the United States, for conducting the electronic harassment against us, and seeking a court order for the systems going to victims to be turned off. Tuberville blows whistle on Biden’s lawsuit ‘slush funds’. lobbying for reforms, lawsuits, etc. After Charlottesville resident Larry Monroe was swabbed in March 2004, he sued CPD, Longo, and CPD detective James Mooney the following July. Background As discussed here , The Gap is one of several companies whose boards were targeted last year in shareholder derivative lawsuits pertaining to the diversity of the companies’ boards of directors. Cyber Security News Update – Week 27 of 2021. ” Nor is there such a thing as “gang-stalking. Gang Stalking lawsuits, 2021, 2022, 2023, targeted individuals, targeting children, Intelligence Led Policing philosophy, predictive policing All over the western world, and in the USA, "predictive policing" is used to target, monitor, stalk, and harass people who have not committed crimes. (even though i possessed a valid Arizona License at time of citation). targeted killing program operates without meaningful oversight outside the executive branch, and essential details about the program still remain secret, including what criteria the government uses to put people on CIA and military kill lists as well as how much evidence is required before it does so. Don't be an easy meal and don't feed into lower entropy states of consciousness such as pettiness. I have posted about it on here when it happned. In fact it is much like the New York Times June 10, 2016 article "United States of Paranoia: They See Gangs of Stalkers" by Mike McPhate. In September 2020, the Tampa Bay Times revealed a destructive “data-driven” policing program run by the Pasco County, Florida Sheriff's Office. He has been tortured since January 2012 and estimates he has lost a million-and-a-half dollars in unearned income since then because of the choices he has made. Source: Targeted Individuals: Mind Control Matrix Biocoded DNA… August 3, 2021. The unwilling participants in this extreme harassment campaign have been given the title of "Targeted Individuals". 5 million names to its Terrorist Watchlist in the five year period between 2009 and 2014. Cause. All of David Icke's premium content, as well as a wide range of films and series are now available on Ickonic - subscribe today to receive full access. 512 likes · 14 talking about this. Our new world order is to inform, educate, and unite together against illegal crimes of torture. Stop-Motion Lego Animator ‘Kevin McFree’ First Targeted in 2018 In the summer of 2018, Watch Tower filed an application for a DMCA subpoena at a New York court, as it has done many times before . Hello, and I hope this finds you well, and less lonely than when you wrote your Entropy piece about feeling isolated. In both cases, private firms compile . citizens—as terrorism suspects based on vague, overbroad, and often secret standards and evidence. Unlike like most civil lawsuits, the July 20 filing against the publisher headquartered in Santa Monica, Calif. And a woman named “Gail Watts”was quoted . For a free consultation to determine your needs, please call me at: 707-720-7137. If we have helped you, please consider a donation of $3. Wrote: 11 January 2020 . When our old world had no order. Neighborhood Watch Bulletin: Stalking, A Form of Citizen Harassment and Torture. John Hall Testifying for Presidential Commission of Bioethics Committee MKULTRA MONARCH CIA CSIS RCMP Mind ControlPLEASE sign our . Eric King’s civil rights lawsuit alleges a pattern of abuse by Bureau of Prison guards across several facilities. A Targeted Individual (TI) is someone that has been selected by the Deep State (usually FBI, DHS, or CIA) to unwillingly participate in an experimental CIA torture program. 3106 White Oak Dr, Houston, TX 77007. But I interviewed Robert Duncan on my show who designed technology that the government took and used for abusive reasons. It is up to YOU and YOUR actions, using YOUR skill. Onion Creek Restaurant. Your own aura is much stronger than their EM weapons. There is no such thing as being a “Targeted Individual. About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators . Tier Placement The Department places each country in this Report onto one of four tiers, as mandated by the TVPA. ' Dr. 444. Help for Targeted Individuals: first, help yourself, using the Krlich Method, and the courts if you can. These attacks were most likely caused by directed, pulsed . Donate. "TARGETED INDIVIDUAL" SURVIVOR OF "CYBER-TORTURE" / CYBER-TERRORISM" / "CYBER-MURDER" According to a civil lawsuit filed in 2014, it appears that the FBI refers to Targeted Individuals as “Non-Investigative Subjects,” and lists them on the Terrorist Watchlist. “Of the 5,467 U. He was in his late 40s, with slightly unruly, longish hair, a buttoned-up shirt with a pen in the pocket, jeans, and well-made . Welcome! Thank you for visiting this website. This is still a […] Passed the Senate June 7, 2021. Gresham Police Officer " The people behind these crimes will not stop until they destroy your life. Uber’s ‘robo-firing’ of drivers targeted in latest European lawsuit Natasha Lomas @riptari / 9 months Uber is facing another legal challenge in Europe related to algorithmic decision making. Although we cannot guarantee results, we believe a class action is the best method to shutdown the CIA's illegal Targeted Individual program. Milk Class Action Lawsuit Settlement Details – $52 Million… By Consider The Consumer on January 22, 2021. CIA to Face Lawsuit over Mind Control Technology Use, Echos of Snowden, Assange Targeted Individuals Classaction in Canada for Targeted individual posted Feb 7/19. On the Targeted Individuals International page, he wrote that he was a lawyer and was mulling legal action. Legal Actions. Targeted Individual. Newswatch Live, Focus on Nanobiosensors & NBIC Convergence, to be Livestreamed July 16, 2021. In March 2021, Proofpoint observed . The Psychiatric Metanarrative, Targeted Individuals, and the Deep State: A Response to The New York Times. LIST OF A FEW CORRUPT GENERALS, THE FALL OF THE DE. "Absolutely there is a Deep State because the Deep State is that the intelligence communities do not have oversight. The Internet's #1 website for Targeted Individuals. According to Targeted Justice, an advocacy group for targeted individuals, members believe there are about 170,000 targeted people in the U. A single lawsuit was filed in response to the dragnet. Outstanding by any measure, Geral Sosbee, JD, MA, US Army veteran with post-graduate degrees in Law and English, who worked as a FBI Special Agent 1971-1978, is now a world-renowned whistleblower, writer, and documentarian with an accomplished background as an attorney, judge, and college professor who has taught Law and English at universities . Targeted Individuals are being removed from economic and cultural life just as the Jews were. Finally the Illegal Targeted Community in March of 2019 has evidence of the existence of “targeting. g. Pasco Sheriff Sued for targeted harassment under “predictive policing program”. I have always had weird stuff happen to me to think an agency. Me "Will you come forward and help me. Constitution and international law prohibit the use of lethal force outside . FCC EMF Class Action Lawsuit. Unfortunately many TIs I've spoken with feel the same way. and more than 1 million worldwide. 1. This film is not in support of targeted individuals. Many targeted individuals are so confused and disoriented by the array of psychological tactics being used against them, they often rationalize the abuse strictly as a Freemason attempt at implementing a New World Order. ” Invariably, those who claim this are, in truth, participating in a shared paranoid delusion. Through an unrelenting psychological war fare & harassment campaign - and for some - an unrelenting physical torture campaign using directed overexposure to deadly electromagnetic radiation, a targeted individual is kept in a . Matthew A. Watch Lives at Live528/RamolaDReports or Odysee/RamolaDReports. Phase 4 – Target has a full understanding. –Targeted Justice is a relatively big budget operation, designed to create a net to entrap actual targeted individuals, and then spin them off into endless psychobabble of the type described here. I have a Master’s in Clinical Psychology and my interests are primarily hands-on, and research based. The first, which settled for $12 . It isn't the strongest or the fastest elk that a pack of wolves target, but the old, the inept or the weak. Contact Senators Until they take action to end Cointelpro murders. July 10: The most likely scenario to me is that this theft was accomplished in the middle of the day on July 10. These microwave attacks generally come from Cell Towers (digital beamforming) and satellites (Vircator). The suit further alleges that under the guise of offering a “lease” to these purported “independent contractors,” Pathway misclassified individuals, including the plaintiffs, and . A federal judge has sanctioned two lawyers who he said pursued “bad faith” litigation that falsely alleged widespread illegal behavior in the 2020 election, ordering . Jared James March 20, 2021. Most of the people who are targeted are good hard working individuals. Courts Refused To Hear His Lawsuit Welcome to the Targeted individuals United Association Web-pages. Being a Targeted Individual. 1,596 likes · 17 talking about this · 2 were here. February 18, 2021 February 18, 2021 digigod. Targeted Justice will fight on the federal level. The site is dedicated to TIs looking for answers to their many questions. The microwave technology is one piece of an arsenal of “directed energy weapons” used to harass and torture people, these people allege. Phase 2 – Evident attacks but target confused. The U. Nutritional Medicine Tips for Targeted Individuals. 2021 at the Durham County Courthouse. Submit a lawsuit against this program, telecommunication companies & nuclear establishment . I just cannot understand how your average person who works hard, pays there taxes, help . The two defendants will have to pay $150,000 each in . TI – Targeted Individual – is a person being targeted with OSEH by a group of individuals called “perps” for the purpose of …. Targeted Justice has spent more than 2 years gathering evidence for a class action lawsuit. May 13, 2021 May 14, 2021 ~ researchogs ~ Leave a comment The series “ Targeted,” by the Tampa Bay Times chronicled the targeted individual program run by Chris Nocco, a corrupt county sheriff. Mind Control. ) to ameliorate the status quo of how suspects are picked, how surveillance is done, and how long does . France: Class action lawsuit against ethnic profiling filed over systemic racial discrimination 22 July 2021, 17:29 UTC France has failed to take necessary steps to prevent and remedy ethnic profiling by the police during identity checks, a form of systemic discrimination, six French and international human rights organizations said today in . Courts Refused To Hear His Lawsuit 6/8/2021. Letter announcing Subpoena & Enclosing Originating Application/July 16, 2021. These voices tend to be threatening of nature and often are used to induce sleep deprivation, which is a sensory deprivation torture technique. Targeted Individual Canadian Class Action Lawsuit Cointelpro: The FBI’s Fascination with Assassination in a Homeland that offers no Security. Targeted Individuals call those who commit these crimes of SURVEILLANCE and HARASSMENT “perpetrators” or “perps” and GANGSTALKERS. It is all about activism to help expose the crimes against humanity known as electronic harassment, directed energy weapons assaults, and now the newly coined term, “cybertorture”. They can include questioning, harassment, or detention by authorities, or even an . Targeted Individuals. Believes I am reckless with targeting situation. PACTS, International's Responses - with signatures - to the Questionnaire of the UN Rapporteur on Torture. 2 posts published by Ramola D on July 21, 2021. ~ Leave a comment. 05/05/2021 ***Second Annual Targeted Individual Day, a Global Event (Full-Length Documentary)***Please Share . Brian Caissie . Targeted individuals who are suspects under surveillance will gain more credibility when they acknowledge the fact they are suspects under surveillance and move forward to discussions and actions (e. deaths reported as of July 16, 20% occurred within 48 hours of vaccination, 14% occurred within 24 hours and 34% occurred in people who became ill within 48 hours of being vaccinated. Freedom For Targeted Individuals. But it is up to Targeted Individuals to take steps as well. See full list on torrentfreak. " This is the fourth age discrimination lawsuit Bonanni and Pitt have filed against Ford, and the three earlier cases settled. Peter Breggin MD a mind control expert who’s battled MKULTRA and keeps up on the topic including President Barack Obama’s . According to the lawsuit, this assault, which included a widespread disinformation campaign that targeted Qatar and Qatari-American businesses, was "in violation of numerous reporting and labeling . Phase 0 – Non Target. I’m Cathy Meadows and I’ve been working with victims of covert crime, mobbing, and bullying for over 6 years. 2) prey, (aka “targeted individuals or “TIs,” “persons of interest,” and suspected “domestic terrorist threats”) are typically “dissidents,” whistleblowers, Christians, patriots, veterans, Constitutionalists, people of conscience, etc. These are some of my adventures being spied on, stalked, and turned into a Contract Stalking, Organized Harassment cash cow (money, favors, gift cards, whate. Targeting is a phenomenon of a somewhat organized group of people harassing, abusing and targeting another class of innocent people. com E-cigarette maker Juul Labs Inc has agreed to pay $40 million to North Carolina to settle a lawsuit by the state accusing it of marketing its products to minors. July 2, 2021 ~ researchogs. The seven keys are scattered throughout these patents. 2017/09/05. Phase 5 – Living out rest of life. government personnel, which happened in Cuba, China, Russia, Australia, Africa, and the Middle East, are affecting an ever-growing list of victims. by LanceScurv. What follows are 5 of many TI cases. -OSI Informers is an actual US Air Force operation and what is called a PSYOP in military jargon-Freedom From Covert Harassment and Surveillance (FFCHS) Each lawsuit validates the claims of targeted individuals, and tosses the psychobabble out the window. Targeted Massachusetts was created for Targeted Individuals Worldwide. (more) Stop-Motion Lego Animator ‘Kevin McFree’ First Targeted in 2018 In the summer of 2018, Watch Tower filed an application for a DMCA subpoena at a New York court, as it has done many times before . Skinny, Caucasian female. Kylee Begley Music. judge has dismissed a $650 million lawsuit filed by a Pittsburgh man who claims the federal government has been using "voice-to-skull" electronic devices to manipulate his mind. MUST SEE! Neuro Weapons. A U. The Agency believes that the use of FIFA to help lure potential victims into the scam is likely linked to the upcoming football World Cup matches which are scheduled Jun 25, 2020 · A third class action lawsuit was filed against Zoom on April 3, 2020 in the Central District Court of California. Their fear is simply expanding, and it makes them larger than themselves, while at the same time, impossibly small. " . Stop Gangstalking Crimes Targeted Individuals. Seth H Farber PhD is also a Mad In America author, as are several activists he’s associated with including Dr. Northern District of California Magistrate Judge Sallie Kim’s April 27, 2021 ruling in the case can be found here. PACTS, Internatinal is a 501 (c)3, non-profit organization dedicated to assisting targeted individuals dealing with covert, organized stalking and remote electronic assaults, also known as electronic harassment. People may become targeted with covert crime . France has failed to take necessary steps to prevent and remedy ethnic profiling by the police during identity checks, a form of systemic discrimination, six French and international human rights . 2021 at 11:14 am They even said he was targeted by the C. This eBook, of exceeding value, is the answer to that which Targeted Individuals have long been demanding: The unmasking of the applicable patents that constitute Voice-to-skull technology. Newswatch Live, Focus on Children, was livestreamed July 2, 2021. 261 Signatures. Being a targeted individual is a once in, no . telecommunications companies for tracking targeted individuals. The easy meal. , and so its important to trace the webs of relations that appear in these accounts. The targeted people are called “Illegally Targeted People. August 3, 2021 ~ researchogs. 673 likes · 7 talking about this · 1 was here. Lollapalooza 2021 reviews, Day 4: Foo Fighters, Brittany Howard, Modest Mouse, Band of Horses, Radkey, Neal Francis The headlining set’s somber opening lasts just a minute until Dave Grohl’s . Mon. Nearly 100% of gang stalking is perpetrated by state actors, current, and former military, police, prosecutors, their associates and family members, etc. (usually impossible to cure via . SPIRITUAL WISDOM & KNOWLEDGE Rarely Explor. Hitler used this method in the countries he conquered. Several individuals filed a federal lawsuit yesterday against Paco County Sheriff, Chris Nocco for repeatedly harassing them, not because of what they did, but what they “predicted” a family member might do. Tomorrow is my court date for my phony charge of driving with a suspended license. Legal Actions - TARGETED JUSTICE. Phase 1 – New Target, but unaware. Has induced dissociation disorder. By energy wepons. With the SpoofedScholars campaign, TA453 sent targeted individuals email that appeared to be from two senior lecturers at the University of London's SOAS. A lawsuit filed by Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry in October 2020 alleged that an obscure nonprofit organization operated as part of a larger nonprofit founded and largely funded by Silicon Valley billionaire Pierre Omidyar attempted to recruit local election officials to apply for grants from the Mark Zuckerberg-funded Center for Technology and Civic Life (CTCL). Tommy . 04/10/2021 Lawsuit: Pasco intelligence program . 7) SKILL Jack filed lawsuits properly writing causes of action. TARGETED INDIVIDUAL 2021. Making her known to people. Crump and the NCNW’s argument that J&J targeted Black women is not new: A bombshell Reuters report in 2018 detailed many of the efforts laid out in NCNW’s lawsuit, and individual Black . Houston TI meeting - Saturday, 14 Aug 2021, 9am - 11am. Induction “Entrapment” Phase Symptoms (1 month – 1 year): -An initial reported sign of targeting is 3D sounds of neighbors or voices in areas nearby. I am so glad my testimony in the Supreme court cleared his name . O Okay123 Review updated: Jun 19, 2021. BY KIM WHITING. Press Release to Der Spiegel. WASHINGTON: Senior government officials from across the world, including individuals in high national security positions who are “allies of the US”, were targeted by governments using the NSO . Horoscope for Monday, August 2, 2021 North Carolina filed the first lawsuit against Juul, . Some targeted individuals believe the voices and insults are coming from “V2K,” a microwave technology known as voice-to-skull communication. Are there any civil rights attorneys helping targeted individuals who have legitimate claims of abuse from military EMF devices? targeted individuals are innocent human beings who are being blasted with EMF radiation , pulses of harmful energy signal to the brain and body. A retail theft ring that a Las Vegas police officer is accused of participating in targeted mostly Home Depot stores across the Las Vegas Valley, netting thousands . Steven Greer Talks about Targeted Individuals December 19, 2020 Neuro-Rights from Invasive Neuroweapons December 6, 2020 Official Report from U. When we live in a world trying to force upon us a new world order. This website was designed and constructed primarily for the Targets of Covert Psychotronic Abuse, Electronic Harassment and Organised Gang-stalking but all are welcome whom are willing to stand for Truth, Human Rights and Freedom. Targeted Individual victims of Gang Stalking, Directed-Energy Weapons. (DELAWARE, Ohio) – Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost today filed a landmark lawsuit asking the court to declare Google a public utility, reining in the ways the powerful search engine provides search results to Ohioans. , was not bought by private individuals, but by a California state level agency, the . So far, a lot of these things in the lawsuit have been dealt with, so things are looking good!!! However, I d. It also includes support and resources for targeted individuals, or victims of electronic assault and their families. (AP) — A federal lawsuit contends that a Florida sheriff is violating people's rights through an intelligence-based policing program that improperly targets and harasses them. July 20, 2021. Thank you Dear God for everything exactly the way it is today, and for bringing the Network Collective into the light for justice for all Targeted Individuals. 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